The universe continues to amaze with each discovery enticing us further into the world of the multiverse; what miracles await us in the deepest regions of space has now been answered as the Kepler telescope shows us that our little pale blue dot in this quadrant of the galaxy is not unique. There are at least four thousand alien worlds that could host life. Beyond that exist planets with climates so powerful no being could ever step foot on the surface, from exoplanets that rain glass down sideways at over a thousand miles per hour to alien homeworlds of molten…

Old Picture of Myself circa 2016

After many years and many mishaps trying to entertain an unresponsive sea of strangers, I have officially decided to retire from all visual social media platforms for the immediate time being. If anyone wishes to correspond with me, please resort to the more literary forms of expression within this current era we call the 21st century. For many years I felt as if something was amiss. Surely I couldn’t be this unpopular, but after further research, I realized what a fruitless endeavor it all truly is. While some achieve their desired goals due to obvious cosmetic reasons, others provide real…

Gaming Estimates for 2018

With 2018 well underway I thought it would be prudent of me to take it upon myself to corroborate financial estimates for the global gaming market circa 2018. remember these are estimates and since we’re only four months into the year there are still eight more months to go before I can officially say I missed the pooch with this articles figure. Many of you may be wondering how we could get the number for total estimates and I’m glad some of you already know. every swipe counts and every purchase is accounted for and likewise…

Persona 5 left many hours filled with the best memories any gaming type of dork could imagine, now it’s time to revisit another future classic: Yakuza 6. Before delving into the nitty-gritty of yakuza I’d like to take a slight detour into the history of Yakuza 3–6 and get to know the series a little better as I’ve just gotten a chance to sink my teeth into the franchise for the first time ever. This post will also serve as a vital prerequisite for anyone in the west who wants to get into a new Japanese import as many casual…

Winning the customer’s trust and confidence is integral to any thriving small or large business. Any mom and pop operation or multinational corporation will echo these values across multiple screens and through advertising promoted around the world. For a long time, I didn’t actually believe anyone took those words seriously. After observing a few interviews from Jamie Dimon to Jeff Bezo’s, I realized certain individuals really put their all into valuing and championing the customer overall. Scrolling and filtering past so many advertisements can really numb a person to this idea because it seems like copywritten schlock that anyone can…

Give Yourself the time before it’s too late

Do what you love and everything else will work out, I’m formally using medium to announce my new daily schedule so long story made even longer after quitting my last job I decided to give myself more time instead of stressing out about whatever it is other people are up to with their lives

(careers, jobs; reproducing, children blah blah blah.)

Currently my major preoccupations concern:

Learning more about programming algorithm’s and brushing up on my coding fundamentals.

Programming More Music

Writing articles

focusing on my visuals

Toning down my obsession with wealth but not with fame

Reminding myself that…

I need to capitalize

everything else is everything else

bullshit rains from the sky and hypocrisy rules the land

I’ve been to the protests and seen the marches

Now all i need to do is capitalize as

MUSIC serenades the

click funnels guide me

straight into the loving bots to the right of

yours truly

while the sports cars race up and down the road

tonight all I have to say is

happy birthday to me and have a

happy black futures month

I’m starting a new blog post on medium dedicated to my favorite anime character of the week. Outside of all of the super serious topics for example finance, automation the future of colonizing other planets and trillion dollar moves in the real estate sector as a result of these rapid advancements in technology; we can unwind with some of our favorite pop culture topics and as one of the worlds biggest geeks since childhood I’ve always had a soft spot for anime, like some teenager’s of the 00’s. This weeks character is Vinsmoke Sanji, who you might hear referenced in…

Ask yourself in the morning if your living to the fullest possible reality awarded to you through hard work and smarter investments. Some may say yes while other’s would decline to comment or agree to the previously asked question. Unemployment remains at an impressive 4.1 percent and everyone must feel the record profits in their bonuses or paychecks by now. This article/paper will attempt to highlight the growing rate of job satisfaction in the economy and how it benefits the world overall. Technological advancements have brought global peace and stability beyond anything we have seen in recent decades with the…

1.Don’t do your job; make your job
2. Fill out a lot of paperwork and forms online
3. Sell something people can’t live without (obviously)
4. Create new forms of technology (easy)
5. Get people who really care, or use nanobots
6. Invest in yourself first
7. Learn Aggressively
a)buy shopping online or downloading to your Kindle
b)of course take a few classes online or traditionally as a
8. Buy a few suits
9.Remember that people are not there for every step
10.Use the media
11. Take advantage of peoples natural proclivity towards acting in self-interest
12. Occasionally volunteer for a small fee
13. Give to charity afterward not before
14. Don’t…

Richard Icahn Pierre

I write about advanced concepts a little beyond me and more simple concepts experienced daily like love, fortune and living recklessly

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